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SARSILMAZ, participated in the World defence Show

SARSILMAZ, participated in the World defence Show

SARSILMAZ participated in the World defence Show (WDS) held in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, from February 4th to 8th for the second time. Sarsılmaz showcased 85 firearm models at the exhibition.

Şubat 9, 2024 09:52
SARSILMAZ, participated in the World defence Show



At the WDS Fair held from February 4th to 8th in Riyadh, SARSILMAZ presented a total of 66 pistols, 14 military rifles, and 5 machine gun models. Among the highlighted products at the SARSILMAZ booth were the SAR9, SAR9 SC, K12 SPORT model pistols, as well as the heavy machine gun SAR 127 MT and machine gun SAR 762 MT, which can be integrated into military vehicles.

SARSILMAZ, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a product range capable of meeting the needs of an entire military unit, has developed over 300 military and civilian models. These products are preferred by the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and civilian users in more than 80 countries.

The World defence Show, organized by the Saudi Arabian Military Industries General Authority under the motto “Ready for Tomorrow,” spans five days. The exhibition provides an opportunity to explore the future of the defence industry, covering the land, sea, and air defence sectors in conjunction with global technological advancements.

The WDS aims to bring together giants of the global defence industry, fostering networking, partnerships, information sharing, and the exploration of innovations and new capabilities across all defence domains.

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